“My name is Dirk Wagner and I have been marketing on the internet full time since 2004.”

When I first started my work at home business I tried many things and lost much money because I knew nothing about this business and what I had to do. I decided I had to learn as much as I could to be successful.

11dirk-photoThanks to some of the most successful Internet Marketing Professionals I learned how to achieve success with my home business. I would now like to pass that knowledge on to you!!


Since I can afford it I purchased nearly every new marketing product to see if it would help growing my business and if so it also should help others too. I’ve helped many people, gave advises and have shown them what they need to do.


Below you can see a few testimonials from people I have helped in the past.

“Dirk is the best upline sponsor I have ever had. In my past 7 years in MLM I have never had a sponsor so dedicated to the success of his/her downline. Dirk uses every tool in his arsenal to help his downline to succeed. Bravo, keep up the great work.”

Tonya Pruitt

“Hi Dirk, I wanted to say a big thank you for helping me out with the problem I was having with a tool I got from you. As you know my members were having real trouble with one part of the software so it was a big help to have you custom build me a copy of the software to get around this problem – and at no extra cost too! That’s really top customer support. Thanks”

Alan Reece

“Hi Dirk, I just wanted to thank you for your help, support, and the tools you are creating to help us succeed. I appreciate your generosity of time, effort, and money. You set a wonderful example of how to create a relationship with your list. I will send my downline your great information. Anyone would be thrilled. God bless,”

Jackie Fowler

“Hi Dirk… I’ve just got to tell you how utterly rapt I am with your very personalised customer service. I have been impressed before when I’ve purchased products from you, but this occasion is truly the mark of a person dedicated to his customers in every way. I am of course referring to your offer to personalise my copy of one of your tools as a gift of appreciation for waiting a few days (due to unexpected circumstances) for my order to be filled. I am deeply grateful for both your consideration and the resultant product, and highly recommend you… your products… and your service, to everyone. Thanks a million.”

John Reid